Palos Hills Illinois Nightlife

This airfield is located in the Palos Hills area of Chicago, Illinois, south of the Chicago River. This fly - in place - was originally located on the west side of Lake Michigan, about 30 miles north - west of downtown Chicago.

For more information on approved drone sites in the Chicago area, please visit this link for a full list of locations.

An engine break - or a test run - should be made at least 10 minutes before the flight begins. If it takes more than a few minutes to test an engine, do so when flying an engine, and only for a short time.

These are very basic safety rules that all members must observe, and they are intended to keep the field safe for everyone and ensure that it is a safe place for those who have been flying F & C for a long time. Flying an F & C aircraft is not a dangerous hobby and all visitors are welcome at all times. The members will be happy to answer all questions about the hobby and answer questions about safety.

If you share a runway with a rigid aircraft, the pilot must communicate with you to announce his intentions. If there is no discernible wind direction, you have to fly a left-handed pattern until you have agreed to fly with it at any time. Helicopters using the runways of the field must fly on the left side of the runway when the rigid wings are in the air. Go "will be loudly announced to all pilots in your airline and you will receive a confirmation during the procedure.

More About Palos Hills

More About Palos Hills